I'm Matt Emmins & I'm A Graphic Designer
My name is Matt Emmins and I am graphic designer, crayon wielder and prolific coffee drinker living down south and working up in the big city at an award winning digital design agency called Other Media.
I graduated from the University of Portsmouth back in 2013, where I developed my love of typography, print and traditional design processes. Since graduating I have had experience within the publishing, advertising, freelance and digital spheres of the design world.
Having spent the past two and half years predominately working with digital brands I relish any opportunity to explore interaction and beautiful, functional design through any medium, be that screen or print. I hold a strong knowledge of the key Adobe CC design programmes, as well as an understanding and appreciation for traditional printing processes. Keen to develop my skill set wider, I have recently been exploring prototyping tools and developing my basic understanding of HTML & CSS.
I am a keen paper nerd, and like most designers get irrationally excited by samples, swatch books and beautiful pieces of printed ephemera. When I am not designing I am normally cruising along the sea front on my board, watching 'The Simpsons', doodling crudely drawn images, spray painting skateboards, sampling a variety of whiskeys or planning my next trip down to the Cornish coast for a surf.
If you'd like to discuss a project with me, don't hesitate to get in touch!!

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